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Terrell E. McCants, Esq.

Terrell McCants

I had my first experience with working hard for someone that was placed in an unfair situation by someone else in 1992. I was 11 years old at the time in my hometown of Prichard, AL in the Mobile area. On March 2, 1992, I heard the news that my mother had been shot at point blank range, in the top of the head by men who had broken into our home. She fought for her life and survived. Though she lived, she was paralyzed and had lost use of everything except her neck and right arm. When a brief period of time passed after her recovery, she and I moved to an apartment on our own. As a 12-year-old at that time, I

adjusted to doing almost everything for my mother who had done so much for me. I realized that I had taken so many things for granted like rolling over in the middle of the night to get comfortable, tying shoelaces, and walking into the kitchen to get a snack. I slept in her room to make sure I could hear her if she needed me in the morning before I caught the bus to school. and I put her back in bed at night. I cooked (or followed her instructions to the letter), cleaned, and became the “man of the house” being fiercely protective of her. Life continued this way until my mother passed away in 1995 at the age of 33. I was only 14 years old when she passed, but I have never forgotten the lessons learned from her and those experiences.


I could not change what happened to my mother, but I could do everything within my power to balance out the things she could no longer do for herself. I became her legs, her arms, her feet, and her hands. I have taken these lessons into my practice and firmly believe that when unfair situations and injustice occurs in a person’s life, they sometimes need a person to be their voice and fight for those who have had injustice and unfairness foisted upon them.


I believe God has a specific and unique purpose for all of us, and He uses our experiences and paths to shape and mold us for that purpose. I truly believe that my purpose is to seek justice for those whose rights have been violated and disregarded. I have been able to do this by pursuing an education in law and honing my litigation and trial skills to be effective as a protector of Employee and Human Rights.

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